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About – Vanity Cash – Seattle Blogger

Hello Friends, so thrilled that you found yourselves here!

My name is Vanity Cash, yes that’s my real name…I know right?! I was born in Heidelberg, Germany and raised in vivacious California. Growing up, my mom and I moved quite a bit. One could say she was a bit of a gypsy. She would open up the California map, close her eyes, point and there we’d go! I even moved next door one time…geez! #facepalm

When I was 20, I “accidentally” moved up to the Seattle area in Washington State. I remember sitting at the airport, bags already checked, waiting for my plane to come in and then deciding that I wanted to stay! Majority of my family is up here which made it a little easier of a decision. And man am I happy that I am living in the beautiful PNW, absolutely breathtaking!

It wasn’t always good times for this girl. I, like I’m sure many of you, ran into some troubled times. I made friends with the wrong people and was lead down a bumpy road. Happy to say that I am now clean and sober…fweh! Along my journey of recovery I was blessed to have met my very best friend! If you ever see #BFFFAA (best fucking friend forever and always) or #SSFL (soul sister for life) that is who I am referring to. She is absolutely amazing and I can honestly say she has helped shape me into the woman I am today…love ya girl!

My family played a large role in my recovery as well, so here’s a shout out to them! #fambam My dad was my rock…and still is. My dad and stepmom took very good care of me while I was “sick”. Don’t know what I would have done without you guys, love you oodles! I am basically an open book, so if you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Can’t wait for our next journey…XoXo