I had never really given much thought to it…but did you know that grocery stores deny farmers’ produce if it doesn’t look “just right”? Crazy! This seems like a lot of waste just because something doesn’t fit in their measure of “perfect produce”. I absolutely hate to see food go to waste…there’s got to be a solution!

There totally is! There’ a company called Imperfect Produce that takes all of the items denied by a store and sells them at a discount. I just got my first box and was absolutely stunned! All the produce I received was beautiful! Why on earth was all of this denied? No clue, but I’m super grateful because I got 8 pounds of organic produce for $11! Woot!

It’s super simple to get started. All you need to do is follow the link below to get registered and get $10 towards your first box! #coupon Next, you will get an email a few days before your delivery date that allows you to go in and customize your box. You can choose from regular or organic produce. I always prefer to get the organic produce!


Imperfect Produce will then deliver your box of beautiful produce to your front door at your selected delivery time. Voila! It’s easy right? Told ya! Now, go get started and get your delicious unclaimed produce!