I’ve been painting since high school and would typically paint with oils on canvas. I love oils because they are easily manipulated. They take so long to dry that you can really take your time, stand back, and adjust as needed. To me, oils really tell a story with their depth and texture. Looking back, I can recall precisely what I was going through at the time I painted. I love that about oils!

I have since started to primarily use acrylics and have fallen in love with them too! Yes, acrylic paint dries way faster but it also gives you the ability to do more in one sitting! I have been able to complete some pretty awesome projects within a much shorter time span. I enjoy mixing media with my paintings, it’s just so much fun and really brings out the story of the painting…I think anyway!

One of my favorite pieces is a mixed-media piece. It all started with a simple orange layered on my canvas. After that, I used some newspaper to paper-mache a border. I have this really awesome bull skull charcoal drawing that I did a year or so ago and wanted to transform that into a painting. I sketched it out on my canvas, and got in there with some acrylic paint…this is when the fact that acrylic dries so fast really comes in handy! I have an obsession with shiny things so I threw in some bling and feathers and glitter for good measure!

Okay, so, my whole point was to tell you guys about my new method I am trying out. Its super simple and creates some beautiful pieces! I call it…the flip cup method! All that you need is: a blank canvas, plastic cups (like the ones we all used to play beer pong with), some wooden stir sticks, acrylic paint and some water. I also bought some reusable rubber gloves so that my hands stay out of the mess…you may want to consider these as well since this does tend to get ultra messy! It’s like being a kid and finger painting all over again! #nevergrowup

What you want to do first is make sure you have a place that is “messy-able”, my way of saying cover up that table with a sheet and some plastic wrap! After that, grab those plastic cups and choose anywhere from 3-6 colors of acrylic paint, it’s usually a good idea to have white or black in there too, depending on the look you’re going for. In each cup you will squeeze a generous amount of paint and then you will add water. You want the consistency to be a little runny but not too “liquidy”. Use your stir sticks to ensure the right consistency.

After you’ve got all your colors mixed with water, grab two more plastic cups. In each empty cup you will be pouring in your paint mix, layer by layer. Start with one color and pour a little into each cup, saving some for later. Do this for each color that you have mixed up. It won’t look pretty but you’ve just got to trust me!

Once you’ve dumped all your color mix into the two new cups…put those plastic gloves on because it’s about to get messyyyyyy! I like to also lay 4 cups, face down, onto my table as kind of a platform for my canvas. This makes it a little easier to handle.

Once you’ve got your protective gear on…grab a cup and flip it down on your canvas, try to contain the paint within the cup on the canvas. Then do this again for the second cup. I like to try to get them a little towards the corners of my canvas but not too close! Once both cups are on the canvas, lift them both up simultaneously. It will start off looking like a blob of colors…that’s good…you’re doing it right, I promise!

Now, pick up that canvas and start maneuvering the paint around. You want the paint to go to all edges and even run off the sides. I like to first make sure I get it across the entire canvas and then let it run off the sides more…no one likes a white-framed canvas! Doesn’t it look beautiful? It’s should start to look almost like colorful marble or even like the inside of a geode! Stand back and admire your masterpiece!

This beaut will take a while to dry since it is essentially just a big blob of paint but trust me, it will totally be worth the wait! Once it is dry, you can paint anything you want on top of it or just leave it as is! If you decide to leave it as is, I recommend that you get some lacquer spray, you can pick this up from any arts and crafts store. This will just give your painting a glossy finish and make it really shine!

One thing that I really like to do is write quotes on them. I use oil-based paint pens to do this, they are fast drying and have great coverage. Just find something you like and transfer it on top of your “geode” painting. In order to keep straight lines, I typically use painter’s tape. This peels off easily and does no damage!

Check out my video: http://vanity-cash.com/2018/08/06/flip-cup-painting/ to see it in action!