We were sitting around debating what we wanted for dinner…like every other night. We were trying to decide whether we wanted to go out for sushi or go see the new Mission Impossible movie. My boyfriend really enjoys cooking and trying new things so…sushi it was! However, instead of going out, we decided to make it!

I thought this was going to be quite a challenge but we dove right in! It was about 7pm so we hurried to the grocery store with a list of what we needed. We spent over an hour at the store trying to find everything and the one thing that we needed, a bamboo roller, seemed impossible to find! We were directed to the sushi station and were able to find a sushi making kit…perfect! We had everything we needed now, let the mayhem begin!

We got home and got our rice prepared. Apparently, there’s a special type of rice that you need, who knew?! We got everything laid out and ready to roll…literally! We finally got into a rhythm and started making some awesome looking rolls! We started tasting them and soon realized they were not tasting that great, noooooo! We came to the conclusion that it was the crabmeat we got! Unfortunately, we decided to buy canned crab meat…our greatest mistake! Lesson learned, we will purchase quality ingredients next time, I recommend you do too!

Curious in how to make your own rolls? Here’s how we did it…

First, make sure you have short-grain white rice. Something about the short grain makes it stickier and easier to handle when making your rolls. Next, lay out your bamboo roller and place a piece of plastic wrap on top of it. This helps when releasing the roll from the bamboo roller. The first thing you lay down is your seaweed “paper”, as I call it. On top of that, you want to spread out about a handful of your sticky rice.

Before you handle the rice, I recommend getting your hands wet so that it doesn’t stick to your fingers. We had a little bowl with some water to frequently wet our fingers. Once you spread out your rice evenly across the seaweed paper, you are ready to add your yummy ingredients. This is the fun part, you can customize as you please. The first thing we added was some sesame seeds. We simply sprinkled them over the rice.

Next, we put down the crab meat and molded it into the roll. After that, we added our veggies. We cut up some cucumbers and carrots into long, thin strips to easily roll. Then we added some avocado and clover sprouts. Now, you’re ready to get rollin!

This can be the tricky part! You want to pick up the end of the bamboo roller that sits closest to you. Then, you simply start rolling away from you ensuring to keep everything molded together in a round roll. You want to make sure that as you roll, you do not roll the bamboo or plastic wrap in…this requires a little finesse. Also, you do not want to squeeze the roll too tight, just enough to mold everything into a nicely-packed roll.

Once you get everything all rolled up, just open up your bamboo roller and plastic wrap. It’s super handy to have an extra set of hands because it likes to kind of stick to the plastic wrap. Release the roll from the plastic and place on a wooden cutting board. You want to have a really sharp knife in order to cut the roll. This helps keep the shape of the circular roll so you’re not pressing down on it creating almost a square shape roll. I left this part to my boyfriend! #teamwork

Now, my boyfriend is all about presentation! He placed the sliced rolls beautifully on a plate and I added a cute little rose made of pickled ginger and wasabi! Don’t forget to make your dipping sauce! This is very easy, just as you would do in a sushi restaurant. Get a small ramekin and add soy sauce and wasabi to your liking. Now you’re ready to eat!

If you’re new to sushi, you’ll want to get yourself a set of chopsticks. It’s easiest to pick up a piece of sushi when it is lying flat. All you need to do is pick it up off the plate and dip it into your soy and wasabi sauce…then enjoy! We like to eat it with a little bit of ginger on top. You can also use ginger as somewhat of a palette cleanser between bites. We loooooove our ginger!

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to answer and guide you along the way! Enjoy!