Every year my best friend and I take a little vacation together…this year, Vegas! Kerry has never been! Can you believe that?! It was a problem that needed to be fixed immediately! Tickets booked…hotel reserved…and we’re off! Just two sober girls headed to the party capitol of the nation!

The trip began with a “random” selection at the airport…I was selected for an explosive materials check…geez! I went through security as usual and then was pulled aside by the crew. The man proceeded to swab my hands and, of course, I had to ask what for. After he replied, “I have to swab you for explosive materials” I said “oh man, I left my TNT at home!” He did NOT find that too funny! Guess I should have kept that to myself! Anyway, made it passed that and on to Vegas we were.

We got all checked in at the MGM Grand, unpacked, and went for a rendezvous to check everything out. By the way, if you plan on going to Vegas, I highly recommend that you become an MLife member. This is a points system that several of the hotels use and it is awesome! You don’t need to do or buy anything to be able to cash in your discounts either. I saved 35% on our room and was upgraded to a queen suite…yessss! I also learned that you can now check into your room online and bypass the long lines…do it! I didn’t and we waited in line for like an hour just to check in, oye!

Dinner was so good! We stopped off at Hecho en Vegas in the MGM for dinner. This place is so yummy and I would recommend it to anyone! They have great chips and salsa and to make it even better…they have fresh tableside guacamole. One of the best guacs I have ever had…at $14 a bowl it better be, right?! You’ve gotta try it!

Later that night, as we were going to bed, I put a meditation on. It’s something I do every night that helps me feel grounded and centered…my favorite is a sleep meditation for aligned chakras! I think I may have gotten Kerry hooked! We always woke up feeling rested and ready for the day! We created a little bit of a routine for the 4 days we were there. Starbucks and breakfast in bed! After that…the pool!

This is how we spent majority of our days! If you’re staying at the MGM you get access to their lazy river. This is officially my fave spot, thanks Laura! We got some killer tans and enjoyed our mocktails…grab plenty of towels! I was able to finish my book poolside, only to find out that by doing so I got a super awkward tan! My face and chest got tan, but not my neck! It looked super funny for the first couple days!

We met some pretty awesome people at the pool! On our second day, get this, it rained on us! Rain…in Vegas? Who knew?! They had to shut down the pool due to thunder and lightening so we grabbed some food and ate in the rain, luckily it was very light and soon passed! It made it superrrrr humid though! I swear we probably sweated out like 5 pounds!

Our second night in Vegas I had a surprise planned for Kerry…I was so excited! I took her down to Fremont Street, aka Old Vegas, and we went ziplining! I was super calm and excited…up until they strapped me in and opened the wall door, then my stomach started flipping! Next thing I know, I’m launched across Old Vegas, 135 feet above the crowd, full Superman style! We had such a blast! After that we walked up and down Fremont street and into some of the old casinos. This ended up being Kerry’s favorite night, I could have guessed because Fremont Street is always my fave! We even got to meet my favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow!

However, the Lyft home was absolutely horrible! Our driver didn’t know where he was going and wasn’t paying attention to his GPS directions. So, he picks us up and instantly misses our turn and pulls over in front of a shady gas station with a bunch of people just hanging out in front of it. A guy kept walking passed the car, I seriously thought we were going to get mugged or something! What was supposed to be a 15 minute drive ended up being almost an hour! And if you’re familiar with Lyft, if the ride takes longer than expected, you’re charged more! I hated to do it but had to leave bad review and no tip and contacted Lyft. They were super responsive and refunded me the difference in price.

The next night was super fun! We got all dolled up and went to a show. We went and saw Jabbawockeez, they’re a hip-hop dance crew and they were awesome! It ended up being more of a show than I had expected. I was just expecting to see dancing but there was a story line and they got the crowd interacting too! They didn’t allow pictures during the show but I was able to sneak a couple in!

Our final day was pretty eventful…Kerry got heatstroke at the pool! She started feeling light-headed and weak so she sat down and I draped a wet towel over her and was pouring water all over her head. We were hoping it would pass but it didn’t…security had to be called over and she got a wheelchair ride all the way back to our room! She laid down and rested for a bit and then was feeling much better…fweh!

Our final night was spent at a tattoo parlor! I drew up a simple design that symbolized our friendship and voila…newest piece complete! I have to say, Orlando at Skin Design Tattoo was awesome! He had the softest touch for a tattoo that I have ever experienced!

After that, I took Kerry to Dick’s Last Resort in the Excalibur. This is one of my favorite spots to stop at when in Vegas. You cannot forget your sarcasm at home when you’re eating here. Everyone  will talk back and give you lots of sass! It was perfect for Kerry because she is more timid so it helped loosen her up a little bit! She even started giving our server a little attitude and talking back…it was hilarious!

All in all, I’d say Kerry’s first trip to Vegas was a success! She was talking about going back so I think my job here is done! Now the planning for next year’s vacation begins…any suggestions?