I resisted the urge to sell online for the longest time, and I don’t know why! This is an easy side-gig that can be pretty profitable. I love shopping and go through my closet frequently. I always used to bring my items to consignment shops like Plato’s Closet to make some cash…or buy new clothes and shoes #shopaholic

I never really took the time to break down the amount I made per item until recently. This is when I realized I could definitely be making more if I just did the selling myself! I had used apps such as OfferUp before but didn’t ever take it seriously. This time around, before taking my bag full of clothes and shoes to Plato’s Closet, I figured…why not?!

Now, I will be honest, it can take some time if you are selling on multiple apps…the more apps you list on, the more exposure you will get…more moolah! Now, how do I get started? Hmpf!

First, I ensured that my profiles were verified through whichever means each app asked for, either email, phone number, or scanning my driver’s license. After that, I made sure that I had a clear profile picture of me, my face #saycheese!

Next, I took pictures of all the items I wanted to sell, making sure to get the front and back, as well as the tags showing the size and brand. For shoes, you want clear pictures of the design of the show as well as the bottoms and any brand information you can include. Then I edited the photos. I cropped them well and even added light filters, I didn’t want it to change the color of the item. I wanted to have a reliable, professional looking “store”. In order to achieve this goal, I took all of the pictures on the same platform…my super cute ottoman! Have you ever looked at items for sale online and thought “Wow, that’s a horrible picture!” I know I have! For some reason it makes me not want to buy the item.

Now comes the time-consuming part…uploading onto multiple apps! To simplify this process I kept notes on my phone with a picture of the item along with its description and price. This saved me a little time because I was able to simply copy and paste the info from one app to the next! Woot! It also made it easier for me to do any sort of bundle discount because I could simply look through my notes instead of going back and forth on an app.

Time to sell! I made sure that all of my notifications were turned on, first of all. The more communicative you are, the better! I always respond within minutes if I can. Now, I priced my items reasonably but added a few dollars to allow for negotiations. Also, by giving the option for shipping, I got a larger audience and have been able to sell more!

Lastly, when I do sell an item, I always include a personal touch! I will wrap the item in tissue paper and tie a ribbon around it…so cheap but yet makes it all look so much better and more professional! I also add a thank you card. I picked up some cutesie mermaid cards that were blank inside so that I could write my buyer a little note. I ask my buyer that if they have any questions or concerns to please message me before leaving feedback. This helps my rating stay high, helping me be more successful!

Now it’s your turn! My fave apps to sell on are OfferUp, Let Go, and Mercari! Give ‘em a go and let me know about your success! Can’t wait to celebrate! And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!