First cruise ever! And OMG it was soooo much fun! My #BFFFAA and I went on a Bahamas cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean ship and it was absolutely amazing! Let me preface this with the fact that my best friend and I always take a vacation together each year and it all usually starts with a random “Hey, what about this?”

Welp, we did it! And we created some memories that still make us laugh so hard! Day one started off…well, a little rocky. Before the ship leaves the dock everyone is required to participate in muster. This is when everyone learns what to do and where to go in case of an emergency. Here we were, enjoying our lemonade and snacks in the sun room, when horns start blaring! #yikes

We proceed to follow staff instructions and end up out on the walking deck where they line us all up, nice and tight…howdy neighbor! We were standing outside in the Florida sun for what seemed like a lifetime. I wasn’t wearing the most comfortable shoes, they definitely weren’t flats, and a super cute white dress. I remember listening to the captain talking over the loud speaker when I started to notice dots in my vision and it going blury and dark…uh-oh! I just knew I was going to pass out! This feeling has never hit me before so, of course, my heart started racing too!

I immediately jumped out of my muster line and grabbed onto the hand rail at the edge of the ship. They finally let us all go…THANK GOODNESS! Kerry, my best friend, came over and grabbed me and she had to walk me inside to where there was air conditioning. I’ve never been so grateful for A.C. in my entire life! It took me a minute but then I could finally start to see straight again, however, I was still feeling nauseous…ick!

We made it back to our room and I promptly removed all of my clothes and fell on the bed! Kerry brought over a cold towel to put on my face and within ten minutes I was good to go again…off to the next adventure, and hopefully it didn’t include nausea!!

We ate the best food! And our service staff was soooo awesome! Every night we tried to get the same server for dinner because he would let us choose multiple items from the menu…you pre-pay for food and beverage, so we were stoked…three desserts? Uh, yes please! We always rolled home at the end of our night! Every time we got back to the room, not only was it spotless, but we had some form of towel animal on our bed wearing our glasses! It was super cute! Always tip your service staff 🙂

Our little rendezvous on the islands were spectacular! We got to go to a privately-owned island where we tanned and swam our little hearts out. Sad to say, I got pretty burned, on the first day! Crazy because I usually don’t burn like that and I was wearing sunscreen! We got some good shopping in too! We both came home with new, super cute dresses and little souvenirs!

Now, let me tell you something about little miss Kerry aka KBD…she’s a total klutzy dork! She had us both laughing so hard! She was constantly tripping up the stairs…and down the stairs! She had a couple moments in our room too. In her defense, they were tight quarters. Kerry kept smacking her head whenever she would bend down. I swear she hit her head on the bathroom counter like a hundred times! One time, she bent down to put her underwear on and smacked her head on the chair and then missed the leg hole and almost took herself out! OMG we died! Sooooooo funny!

It was so peaceful to lounge around in our binkinis all day! If we weren’t running around an island we were walking around the ship, dipping in the pool, and getting our tan on! At night they would have a movie playing outside, which was always kinda fun before bedtime! One of my favorite parts was falling asleep at one island and waking up at another! It was like time travel or something!

Oh geez, I almost forgot about the adventure getting home! Oh man, it was awful! Let me just say, I will never fly American Airlines again! First, half of the plane gets boarded and immediately de-board the plane. They told us that it’s due to some “unknown safety issue!” Ummmm…WHAT?! I want a new plane! So we wait around for over three hours and we all get on the plane and we are finally taxiing to the runway. Ope…wait! Just kidding! We come to a screeching hault and the pilot comes on and tells us we have to turn around because the crew will be going over their allotted flying hours if they take this flight! Geeeeeez!

So…we all get off the plane…again! We wait around for another over two hours to see if they are going to be able to get another crew for our flight. Then, we find out their going to have to cancel our flight! #facepalm At least they gave us a seriously sweet place to stay! But, there’s a catch! It’s about an hour drive from the airport. By the time we get to the casino hotel, they’re gonna need to come right back and pick us up to hopefully catch the next morning’s flight! Needless to say, we didn’t get any sleep that night and it took FOREVER to get home!

Even after all this craziness, I would still do it all over again…in a heartbeat! Kerry and I still talk about our first cruise together…then laugh all over again! Love ya KBD, can’t wait for our next vacay!