Do you love kombucha as much as I do? If you do, you’ve probably found yourself spending way too much money buying it, like I was! Interestingly enough, it’s super easy to make your own…I promise. All you need to buy is fine-granulated sugar-I buy mine in bulk from Costco and always get organic. You will also need a raw kombucha that’s unflavored and black tea to start. Did I spark interest? Are you curious now? Here’s how you get started:

First, you will need to brew your tea. Bring 7 cups of water to a boil then remove from heat. While the water is fresh off the burner, add half a cup of sugar and 4 tea bags. I usually use black tea but I’ve been playing with green tea as well. At first, I started with simple, unflavored black tea. Now, I’m playing with different flavors. One of my favorites is Chai tea and my second favorite is mango papaya tea! Feel free to play around with your flavors, you really can’t go wrong!

After your sugared tea comes down to room temp, simply remove the tea bags and put the liquid in a glass container-I use a 1 liter mason jar. Then, add your SCOBY start…this is the stuff that you always see floating at the bottom of your kombucha that you buy. Take it out of the purchased kombucha and throw that in the jar (it’s okay if a bit of the liquid makes it in too), then cover with a paper towel and rubberband! I also like to write the date that I made it so that I know about when it will be ready, also because I have multiple jars brewing!

Then, the next part is the hardest…wait! It takes about 2 weeks for the fermentation to really kick in. You should see a layer of SCOBY starting to form at the top of your jar…yay! You did it! I always taste mine after two weeks but I like it with a more vinegar taste so I pull mine at about 3 weeks. SCOBY is very sensitive to metals so be sure you taste your kombucha with a plastic straw.

You can also do a second fermentation with fruits or other delicsiousness of your choice. When your kombucha is at about 2-3 weeks you can add your tasty concoction…my favorite is some fresh lemon and ginger, it makes quite a zinger! #puckerface You will need to let your kombucha ferment for another few days, until it reaches the flavor you’d like!

That’s it! You did it! You are now a bonafide kombucha brewer! Your SCOBY will reproduce as well. I will teach you how to harvest your baby SCOBY and keep the process going on a later blog…stay tuned!